• Greg Govea

Fast growth means BIG retail opportunities!

Fort Worth has been seeing a large amount of growth over the past 5 years. This fact is no clearer than in the Medical district just south of downtown Fort Worth. As you drive through the Rosedale/8th ave. intersections you see roadwork or building construction every direction you look. The most eye catching of them all is the addition of several multi-family apartment complexes. Along Rosedale Street there has been an uptick in housing being added.

The biggest addidtion is The Monarch Medical District Apartments right across from Cook Children's Hospital. Just down the street you can find the Mag and May as well as the Rosedale, which is scheduled to open sometime in 2020.

How does this relate to retail? well on Rosedale Street, just across from the Quicktrip and the soon to be Rosedale apartments, sits the Hemphill Crossing shopping center. The center currently houses some medical offices, restaurant space, and other retail options. The center has massive potential with the influx of luxury housing coming to the area. As gentrification continues to hit the neighborhood, there will be a need for more upscale retail and restaurant options for the residents moving in. Hemphill Crossing is the perfect location to facilitate those needs. With 3 spaces available, totaling 19,300 SF, and a 3,000 SF pad site, Hemphill Crossing is the perfect opportunity to invest in a quickly growing neighborhood.

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